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Black Friday Sale - 15% Off Course Motorsports products at Checkout!
Black Friday Sale - 15% Off at Checkout!*

About Course Motorsports

Course Motorsports is located in Northern Vermont just minutes from the Canadian Border, but still in the good old USA. The company is owned by gearheads, run by gearheads and they know exactly what you gearheads want from an aftermarket parts company. The founder, Paul Jacques, has years of experience in the performance automotive world. Back in 2000 he founded Rennline Performance Products and spent the next 2 decades along with his team, designing and engineering 1000’s of the most innovative products available for German automobiles. Paul wanted to share his unique designs and quality products with the rest of the motorsports world, so he and his team created Course Motorsports.


Course Motorsports Shop

How are we different from the rest? Course Motorsports isn’t just a fancy storefront; we actually get dirty and make parts. Our in-house manufacturing facility includes, but is not limited to: CNC waterjets, CNC milling and turning operations, bending, forming, welding, finishing, embossing, casting, 3d printing powder coating, painting, anodizing, screen printing and best of all, hard work. Our extremely diverse facility allows us to design as well as prototype and manufacture our own products in-house. This gives us constant control over innovation, quality, pricing and availability of all Course products. In addition, it allows us to offer our products to the general public for less than comparable parts from other distributors. We also understand how important it is to serve our customers in a timely fashion, which is why we do our best to stock all of our products for immediate shipment.




Our primarily focus is making your motorsport experiences better. We don’t care how you get off… mud, car shows, hill climbs, road racing, rallycross, ATV’s or simply driving to work in style, Course Motorsports wants to come along for the ride.

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