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Phone Mounts 

How difficult is the Phone Mount installation?

All Course Motorsports DirectFit phone mounts are designed for a quick installation with basic tools. They typical installation takes 2-4 minutes, and involves popping off a piece of your vehicles trim, installing the DirectFit bracket using existing or supplied hardware (varies by mount), and then reinstalling the trim.

Do I need special tools to install my Phone Mount?

Most DirectFit phone mounts can be installed with basic hand tools. The Course Motorsports Trim Tool kit usually makes the job much easier. To determine whether or not you need any specialty tools, please see the installation video associated with your specific mount.

Where can I learn how to install my Phone Mount?

To ensure that you have a successful installation, we have created installation videos for each and every DirectFit phone mount that we develop. To find these videos, simply use the search feature at the top of this page to navigate to your specific vehicle's phone mount. For our example, we will look up a phone mount for a 2020 Ford F150. Next open the product page for your phone mount, and then scroll down to the bottom of the product description. There you will find the installation video.

How strong is the magnet? Will it hold my large phone?

Course Motorsports DirectFit magentic phone mounts use powerful neodymium N52 magnets. With the steel pad located on the outside of the case, these magnetic mounts will hold the largest of smartphones including the iPhone 12 Max, Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, etc. In most cases the steel pad can also be located between the case and the phone, and the phone will still stay securely mounted to the mount, but this of course depends on the thickness of the case.

Will my wireless charging still work with this mount?

The best solution to retain wireless charging is to use the Course Motorsports Autogrip Wireless Induction Charger. This will mount to your DirectFit phone mount, while securely mounting and charging your phone.
If you would prefer to use the magnetic mount, you will need to locate the steel pad out of the way of the wireless charging coil which is usually located in the middle of the phone. We have found that in most cases, it works best to mount the smaller round pad near the top of the phone to the side of the camera.

Will this work with my MagSafe iPhone 12?

Yes! For the MagSafe iPhone 12, you will need to utilize the Course Motorsports Autogrip Wireless Induction Charger . This will mount to your DirectFit phone mount, while securely mounting and charging your MagSafe phone.

What is the size of the ball?

The ball is 17mm in diameter.

My magnet is spinning, what's wrong?

In some rare cases in high vibration environments, the magnets can begin to rotate. There are 2 possible reasons for this.
  1. The aluminum ball may be loose. To fix this, remove the magnetic mount from the ball and tighten the ball using an allen wrench.
  2. The magnetic mount assembly may be loose. To fix this, simply remove the magnetic mount from the ball, and tighten the philips screw that's located in the socket on the back of the magnetic mount.


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