Course Motorsports 11 Piece Trim Removal Tool Kit

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This 11 piece auto trim removal tool kit is used to help remove and install, stereo systems, interior panels, exterior trims, upholstery panels, and more. This kit is ideal for helping with the installation of Course Motorsports DirectFit Phone Mounts. Made of impact resistant Nylon fiber which is much stronger than ABS plastic that breaks easily under pressure. Each tool is approximately 7 inches in length. Comes with thick sturdy pouch to store all of your tools after use. 

Packaging Includes:

1x Storage Pouch
1x Wide-Type Remover
1x Pull-Type Remover
1x Angled Clip Panel Remover
1x Handy Remover
1x Narrow-type Remover
1x Upholstery Clip Remover
1x Fork Tip Flat Clip Panel Remover
1x Panel Remover
1x Blunt Tip Flat Clip Panel Remover
1x Sharp Tip Flat Clip Panel Remover
1x Clip Panel Remover


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