Course Motorsports Automatic Gripping Wireless Induction Charger
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If your phone has wireless charging abilities, then this wireless charger is a great addition to your Course Motorsports phone mount. It mounts using the same 17mm ball socket swivel and is powered by a USB-C cable (included). Not only does it charge your phone using its 10W induction coil, it also has senses when your phone is in the mount and closes the side clamps automatically, firmly securing your phone in place. Finally, an LED indicates that your phone is in place and charging has begun.

  • Up to 10W of wireless charging
  • Automatic phone clamping using Infrared Sensors
  • Utilizes Course Motorsports ball socket mounting
  • Will charge through most small to medium thickness phone cases
  • Compatible with Apple iPhone 8 - iPhone 14, Samsung Galaxy S6-S22 Ultra as well as Qi-enabled devices from Microsoft™, Motorola™, LG™, Google™, HTC™, Sony® and Blackberry® 
  • Compatible with all Course Motorsports DirectFit Phone Mounts
  • QC3.0 Cigarette Lighter Adapter Included


Course Motorsports vehicle specific DirectFit mounting bracket and 17mm Aluminum ball not included but available separately.


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