Course Motorsports Magnetic Wireless Induction Charger - MagSafe Compatible

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A reliable and convenient way to charge your mobile device, the Course Motorsports Magnetic Wireless Induction Charger offers stress-free charging. With Magsafe compatible technology, it's super easy to set up and use, giving you fast and fuss-free charging every time. Let our charger help make life a little simpler.

iPhones 12 and up with MagSafe technology are perfect for the Magnetic Induction Charger right out of the box, or just apply the included steel adhesive-backed ring to your regular wireless charging phone to use on the magnetic charger as well!

Some features of our Magnetic Wireless Induction Charger include:

  • Up to 15W of wireless charging
  • Utilizes Course Motorsports ball socket mounting and compatible with all Course Motorsports DirectFit Phone Mounts
  • Will charge through phone cases 2mm thick or less
  • Compatible with Apple iPhone 12 and up out of the box (MagSafe), or iPhone 8 - , Samsung Galaxy S6-S10+ as well as Qi-enabled devices from Microsoft„¢, Motorola„¢, LG„¢, Google„¢, HTC„¢, Sony® and Blackberry® after applying included steel adhesive-backed ring to center of phone. 
  • 12V Cigarette Lighter Adapter Included

Course Motorsports vehicle specific DirectFit mounting bracket and 17mm Aluminum ball not included but available separately.


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