Direct Fit Phone Mount - Chevrolet Corvette (2020+)
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Fits: Chevrolet Corvette (2020+)

Finally a phone mount designed specifically to bolt onto your C8 Corvette! Unlike the universal mounts, stick on mounts or suction cup mounts, the Course Motorsports C8 Corvette Direct Fit phone mount is designed to place your phone conveniently in front of any of the HVAC vents across the dash. The perfect spot for your device on your next road rally adventure!  When you need your device to stay put under hard acceleration, cornering and braking Course Motorsports has the mount for you!  Why compromise on a product that you will use every day and adds aesthetics to your Vette. 

Course Motorsports Direct Fit phone mounts are constructed with CNC cut and powdercoated vehicle specific brackets along with a CNC machined and anodized pivot ball. Finally a neodymium magnetic mount and steel pad will keep your phone in place for quick and trouble free mounting while you're on the road.

Installation is a snap. All Course Motorsports Direct Fit phone mounts are designed to use factory hardware for a simple no drill installation. This mount installs in minutes, and the result is the most OEM looking phone mount on the market.

Available with a non-charging magnetic head option as shown in the photos and installation video, the optional Course Motorsports Automatic Gripping Wireless Induction Charger Mount or Course Motorsports Magnetic Induction Charger - MagSafe Compatible.



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