Direct Fit Phone Mount - Ford F150 (2009-2012)

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Fits: Ford F150 (2009-2012) Ford Expedition (2009-2012)

Finally a phone mount designed specifically to mount onto your F-150, Raptor or Expedition. Unlike the universal vent mounts, screw in mounts or suction cup mounts, our F-150/Expedition mount utilizes the mounting clips on your center console to snap right in. Whether you are heading out to the campsite, the lake, mountain bike trail, or on an overland off-roading adventure, our mount will hold your phone regardless of the terrain. This bracket can be installed on the left, right or both depending on your preference. Please note that if charging option is chosen for both sides a QC3.0 dual adapter should be added to properly power the chargers.  This is found here: Why compromise on a product that you will use every day on your on and off-road adventures?

Course Motorsports Direct Fit phone mounts are constructed with CNC cut and powder coated vehicle specific brackets along with a CNC machined and anodized pivot ball. Finally a neodymium magnetic mount and steel pad will keep your phone in place for quick and trouble free mounting while you're on the road.

The installation consists of just snapping off one trim piece, taking less than 2 minutes.

Available with a non-charging magnetic head option as shown in the photos and installation video, the optional Course Motorsports Automatic Gripping Wireless Induction Charger Mount or Course Motorsports Magnetic Induction Charger - MagSafe Compatible.


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