Course Motorsports Cam-lock Fire Extinguisher Quick Release

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Tired of annoying fire extinguisher rattling in your high vibration application? Look no further than the Cam-Lock Fire Extinguisher Quick Release! With its minimalistic design and easy use, you'll never have to worry about safety in your supersonic, turbo-charged situation. Our innovative, secure, and CNC construction means you get a no-fuss and low profile solution perfect for any fire prevention needs!

Fully CNC machined from billet aluminum and anodized for the ultimate protection. All stainless hardware included but fire extinguisher and roll bar mounts sold separately. **Due to a wide variation in the diameter of different brands of extinguishers, we recommend pairing our mount with H3R brand extinguishers for the perfect fit. Fire Extinguisher and Roll-cage clamps not included **


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