CNC Aluminum Phone Mount: Dodge Ram Classic Body ONLY (2013+)

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Our CNC Aluminum Phone Mount is the perfect way to mount your phone and GoPro camera in your Ram, while adding a touch of class! Why compromise with a sub-par stick-on, suction cup or vent mount with a product you'll use every day?

All built off of a CNC Aluminum base machined from 6061 Aluminum and designed to fit your center console tray exactly, while replacing the cheap OEM rubber mat. Able to hold a cell phone on the left side, right side or both sides, with the added option of a center location GoPro mount after installing the ARKON 17mm socket GoPro mount! (GoPro mount can be purchased separately here:  Please note that if charging option is chosen for both sides a QC3.0 dual adapter should be added to properly power the chargers.  This is found here:

Arms of this model are designed to place the cell phone in a convenient location while still allowing a clear view of the center display screen. Everything in the assembly is secured with Stainless Steel hardware.

Available with a non-charging magnetic head option as shown in the photos and installation video, the optional Course Motorsports Automatic Gripping Wireless Induction Charger Mount or Course Motorsports Magnetic Induction Charger - MagSafe Compatible.


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